Dominey is a leader in Inboard and Outboard Propeller Sales & Service, featuring Hale MRI Computer Analysis Systems

  • MRI Scanning Equipment brings all props to Class 1 Standards
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  • Dynamic Balancing to Class 1 tolerances, tested at a high RPM rating; Dominey's staff uses the balancer with a keen eye, watching for any misalignment during rotation
  • Rehubbing, pitching, cupping, rebuilding for performance increase
  • Dominey can MRI scan to class 's' tolerance up to 88 inch propellers
68 inch-5 blade shrimp boat propeller -
Largest shrimp boat propeller in Dominey Propeller history, sold to Mr. Howell Boone.

Big repairs underway on the research vessel Atlantis 2 that discovered the Titanic in the 1980s
    Sales - Inboard:
  • Full stock of Michigan Propellers
  • Bronze & Nibral - 3 Blade & 4 Blade - New and Used
  • Pitched, Cupped & Bored to your specs

Prop speed application

Certified long lasting application

Gain speed and prohibit Barnacle growth
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